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Bitcoin Price: $7,332.37 (-97.10
Market Cap: $125,804,126,408

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Exchange Currency Volume (BTC) Last Price Bid (Buy) Ask (Sell) Spread Website
Bitfinex USD33,908.0 $7,342.0$7,342.0$7,342.10.10
Bitstamp USD11,538.0 $7,332.5$7,330.4$7,332.52.02
CEX.IO USD347.3 $7,320.3$7,308.3$7,321.012.70
CoinsBank USD2,288.76 $7,324.54$7,290.18$7,356.7466.56
EXMO USD1,300.1 $7,295.0$7,295.0$7,302.37.34
GDAX USD13,187.7 $7,341.0$7,341.0$7,341.00.01
Gemini USD3,571.8 $7,332.0$7,332.0$7,332.00.01
HitBTC USD8,842.9 $7,359.6$7,359.3$7,361.31.98
itBit USD4,422.7 $7,340.6$7,332.3$7,336.03.71
Kraken USD5,257.9 $7,341.0$7,340.9$7,344.73.80
LakeBTC USD743.2 $8,016.0$8,015.3$8,015.40.12
LocalBitcoins USD153.9 $9,113.8   
OKCoin USD206.5 $7,337.5$7,306.2$7,331.925.75
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