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Bitcoin Price: $9,853.93 (235.85
Market Cap: $179,662,979,911

Simple Bitcoin Price API

We have a simple REST-style API that can be used to get Bitcoin price information to add seamlessly to your website or application. When you make calls to the API the results will respond in JSON format, as shown below.

  • price: Global price of Bitcoin in USD updated every 15 minutes
  • marketcap: Total USD market capitalization of Bitcoin updated every 15 minutes
  • tradevolume: Total USD exchange trading volume for the last 24 hours updated every 15 minutes
  • timestamp: Last update made in Unix epoch

  • Endpoints

    Bitcoin Core (BTC):<your api key here>
    Bitcoin Cash (BCH):<your api key here>

    The API is provided with no service fees at this time. We do have request limits; please limit your API calls to a max of once every five minutes. Since the data is updated every 15 minutes there is no need to do requests more frequently than that. At this time API keys are being given out by request and can be revoked if they are being abused. Please use our API Signup form if you would like to request an API key today. is a web service dedicated to providing Bitcoin market stats and charting data on some key components of the Bitcoin network, such as Bitcoin exchanges. CoinSalad monitors all the major USD-currency based exchanges on the market providing near real-time market data. Listed exchanges have shown to have steady and decent volume. Learn more about CoinSalad or feel free to send us an email. Follow us on Twitter @CoinSalad. 2020 ❤ Developer Bitcoin donation address: 12nfK3GZXoBE9eJNB8WbMrvJEFRCK8FX7d