Bitcoin (BTC) is hitting all time highs, touching $15K on all exchanges and even exceeding $15K on some Asian exchanges.

Bulls are on the run apparently, as Bitcoin is testing new highs, which are hitting close to all time highs not seen for three years. If you look at the Bitcoin charts, you can see the price in the last seven days has jumped up from $13K and is touching $15K on all exchanges and has passed $15K in particular on LakeBTC. Another exchange CEX.IO is closing in, with the current price at the time of this writing at $14,9424.90 USD.

In terms of market volume, Binance is still leading the charge, with the highest amounts of trading happening, where they are most popular in Asian markets, with Huobi also with high volumes.

The U.S. dollar has found itself under selling pressure today as financial markets start to price in a Joe Biden win in the U.S. presidential elections. This will probably to lead towards another stimulus package which the crypto markets seem to be supportive of.

Regardless of the U.S. elections, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin still win, as neither are dependent on government oversight and regulations, however, markets still like to play the game and this will of course contribute to price volatility.