Bitcoin Cash is currently -5,068 blocks operating at 2.72% difficulty of Bitcoin Core's chain

The price is $252.02 (13.83 with a market cap of $4,642,568,291. There have been 158,901 blocks mined since the chainsplit. Bitcoin Cash miners are earning 95.93% (out of 100%) of what Bitcoin Core miners are potentially earning.

Bitcoin Market Share Dominance

Most Recent Blocks Found

Bitcoin Cash

Block: 637459

Hash: 00000000000000000212aaf159d15e9fbcb8edd0be6b7469d98b37479f86e477

Size (bytes): 218693

Transactions: 644

Mined: May 30, 2020 19:37:47

Bitcoin Core

Block: 632391

Hash: 0000000000000000000775f64e36431d86116d51652ecb60d7bbf26a98846c35

Size (bytes): 356574

Transactions: 1025

Mined: May 30, 2020 19:15:53

Bitcoin Cash Interactive Charts

The data displayed on this page shows information about Bitcoin Cash which split from Bitcoin Core and it's corresponding block data. According to the Bitcoin Cash website, Bitcoin Cash brings sound money to the world. Merchants and users are empowered with low fees and reliable confirmations. The future shines brightly with unrestricted growth, global adoption, permissionless innovation, and decentralized development.

This page is experimental and attempts to compare the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core blockchains post-split. Use this page to keep track of it in real-time (plus new charts and tools added below). To further compare the two blockchains both side-by-side, see the Bitcoin flippening table. Want to learn more about Bitcoin? Read our Bitcoin FAQ for more information. is a web service dedicated to providing Bitcoin market stats and charting data on some key components of the Bitcoin network such as Bitcoin exchanges. CoinSalad monitors all the major USD-currency based exchanges on the market providing near real-time market data. Listed exchanges have shown to have steady and decent volume. Learn more about CoinSalad or feel free to contact us. Follow us on Twitter @CoinSalad. Charting software courtesy of CanvasJS. 2020 ❤ Help support development of this service by making a donation.