Bitcoin chart: 24-hour Network Activity

We launched a new live Bitcoin chart recently which aims to capture Bitcoin network activity over the last 24-hours.

From our Bitcoin Network Stats landing page, you can see a myriad of Bitcoin network statistics and activity such as the Bitcoin market price, market cap, miner info, transactions, trading volume, and more. With our new network activity chart, we take these metrics and put them onto one interactive chart and made it really big  for users to get a quick snapshot of the last day of Bitcoin activity.

As you can see from the chart, there are four metrics that we pull into it.

  • Global Bitcoin Price
  • 20 Day Simple Moving Average price
  • Transaction Volume
  • Trading Volume (in BTC)

With these metrics, at a quick glance you can see the health of the network. The global Bitcoin price is derived from the average Bitcoin price across major Bitcoin exchanges. The trading volume bubbles vary in size depending on the size of the volume at the time, which can give you an idea of the amount of activity happening with buys and sells across exchanges.

Want to see more charts? Head on over to If you are just getting started in Bitcoin read the Bitcoin FAQ to get started.