Bitcoin tops $2000 for the first time in history

Bitcoin has reached a new all time high, topping $2000 USD for the first time ever.

The price has been flirting with $2000 for the past day, with extreme volatility ranging from $1900-$2000 as the price went up and down like the famous animated Bitcoin roller-coaster gif. You can visualize the price volatility over the past seven days and see why people think Bitcoin is risky; clearly the reward is paying off as the price has gone up $700 since the start of May.

The Bitcoin price finally surpassed $2000 a few mins ago on our Bitcoin Global Price index. We aren’t sure at this time exactly what is driving the price up to new highs, but we suspect the global media exposure due to the WannaCry ransomware hack.

In addition, we speculated previously on some of the other reasons which in combination with the hacking events has fueled the fire of the rocket which appears to be heading straight toward the moon.