Swap your cryptocurrency from one coin to another using instant coin exchange

Recently Coinsalad.com added a new instant cryptocurrency exchange that allows anyone in the world to convert their cryptocurrency from one coin to another and vice versa.

The concept is really simple and the process is easy.

Let’s say you have Bitcoin (BTC) and want to convert it to Ethereum (ETH). You don’t need to sell your coins on an exchange, wait for settlements, and then try to buy another coin. All the while losing money when the cryptocurrency market is volatile. Now using the cryptocurrency instant exchange, you can seamlessly convert or swap coins between each other very quickly and for a low cost. It’s all done in a couple of minutes and no registration is required.

To get started, simply go to exchange.coinsalad.com and begin by selecting the coins you want to swap. For example, if you want to convert BTC to ETH, select the coin tickers from the drop down menu. The page will reflect the current market values. Then, click Continue. It should look like this:

On the next screen it will ask you for the receiving address of the coin you want to swap to. In this example swapping BTC for ETH, you would enter in an Ethereum address.

Once you have entered in your address, click Exchange to start the conversion process. The screen will ask you to send the amount of BTC you are converting which gets sent to a BTC address. It will then get automatically converted to ETH and sent to your Ethereum address you entered. The screen will look like this:

After the transaction gets a confirmation on the blockchain the coins will be sent to your address and you’re all done. It’s very easy and fast to convert coins from one blockchain to another.

Not sure which coins to buy or swap with each other? Visit the Coin Market Cap and see which coins are doing best. Sort by price and 24 hour change to see which are performing well.