The Bitcoin bull run of 2018 has started

Yesterday the price of Bitcoin started to climb from slumbering numbers around $6000 to well above $7000, and as of this morning the price has exceeded the $8000 marker breaking the 20-day moving average.

At this time it’s not fully clear what the cause of the bull run could be, but it probably has to do with the recent news a few days ago about legendary investor George Soros who was found to be investing in cryptocurrency. CNN Money has theorized the rise coincides with the end of the 2017 tax season, saying, “there are several factors driving the rally, but the most significant is April 17, the deadline to file taxes in the United States.”

In this chart above, you can see all the major Bitcoin exchanges that have USD/BTC pairs have all exceeded $8000, with the trend lines looking bullish. The exchanges that are leading the price surge are Bitfinex, GDAX (Coinbase), and Bitstamp.

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