The top five Bitcoin exchanges leading the bull run

Over the past week the price of Bitcoin has skyrocketed, doubling from around $1200 USD to over $1400 USD in just a matter of days.

At the time of this writing, the price is sitting at $1479.05, up $23.79 from yesterday.

Who is leading the charge?

There are about fifteen Bitcoin exchanges that are monitored on, but the top five in order of volume traded on the exchange are:

  1. Bitfinex — current trading volume is 15,314.9 BTC
  2. GDAX — current trading volume is 10,618.8 BTC
  3. Bitstamp — current trading volume is 9,096.8 BTC
  4. BTC-e — current trading volume is 6,894.6 BTC
  5. Gemini — current trading volume is 4,872.9 BTC

You can see the real-time exchange volume stats here which makes up the majority of the exchange market share at this time.

If you look at the 7 day chart, you can visualize the trading volume on these five exchanges, which shows the spike a few days ago.

You can also visualize the price differences between the exchanges. The reason the price on Bitfinex (top brown line) is so much higher than the rest is because of the fiat banking issues they have experienced recently.

The total exchange trading volume in USD across all exchanges is currently $87 million, but climbed higher than $160 million earlier this week.