Total Bitcoin exchange trading volume blows past $200 million during record highs

Bitcoin is breaking all sorts of records this week.

Not only did the price move quickly beyond $1400 (which is now sitting over $1600) and reach $24 billion in market capitalization (which is now over $25 billion), but it just blew right past $200 million in Bitcoin exchange trading volume today.

Pictured above is the total Bitcoin exchange trading volume calculated in U.S. Dollars. The chart shows the total volume across all major Bitcoin exchanges, which is currently $209,588,816 million.

Today with the price spike and huge influx of buyers and sellers it pushed the total amount traded across all exchanges to new record highs.

There are several exchanges leading the price rally in terms of trading volume, such as Bitfinex, GDAX, Bitstamp, BTC-e, and Gemini.

The reason for the spike in the price isn’t entirely clear at this time, but we did run through many of the possible reasons on why the Bitcoin price is rising here.