At the time of this writing, the price of Bitcoin has just reached $1300 USD across all major Bitcoin exchanges. It has also reached Gold parity again.

There is no real indicator at this time on exactly why the price has jumped up in the past week, however, there are several factors in play.

News broke yesterday that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will review the Winklevoss ETF rejection, which given their reconsideration of the ETF, has more than likely drummed up renewed interest.

Also, the exchange Bitfinex has been adding increased buying pressure since the discovery of their fiat banking issues.  As it’s currently impossible to get USD in-or-out of the exchange, customers have been buying bitcoin on the exchange in order to move any funds off of the exchange. This leads to higher than normal buying pressure, pushing the price up, specifically on the Bitfinex exchange. This increased price too has drawn renewed interest in the market.

You can see in the chart below which captures all the major Bitcoin exchanges, that the price has remained relatively the same across exchanges except for Bitfinex (top brown line). The price on their platform has topped $1400 USD and is over a $100 spread from their exchange and the others.

There will more than likely be a correction in the market once things calm down. At what price point, is the million dollar question.